CRM System

Take your sales team to another level

A great customer-centric tool for your sales needs. Track leads, get accurate forecasts, and focus on what matters: closing opportunities.


 Effortless communication

Incoming emails are automatically added to your pipeline, and all contact with your team and customers is made from a single place, ensuring easy access to information at all times. 

Integrates with:

  • Email

  • Live chat

  • SMS

  • VoIP

 Make a quotation in two clicks

Create professional-looking quotations in a few clicks with a user-friendly interface. Select your products from the catalog and let  the smart system handle the rest.

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Sell Faster

  • Modern User Interface

  • Mobile

  • Inbound leads

  • No more encoding

  • Set up activities


  • Leads Nurturing

  • Predictive lead scoring

  • GeoIP

  • Live chat

  • GeoIP

  • Deduplication

  • Assignation Rules

  • URL trackers

  • Lead mining

  • Lead enrichment


  • Activities and calls management

  • Pipeline management

  • Customize stages

  • Schedule Meetings

  • Plan Next Actions

  • 360° Visibility

  • Log Calls


  • Address Book

  • Customer Preferences

  • Multi-Address

  • Full History

Efficient Communication

  • Emails Templates

  • Email Gateways

  • VoIP

  • Custom Alerts

  • Multi team


  • Dashboard

  • Opportunities Analysis

  • Cohort Analysis

  • Leads Analysis

  • CRM Dashboard

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